Martin Bergö

Martin Bergö, professor of molecular medicine at Sahlgrenska University Hospital Cancer Center. His research focuses on CAAX-protein role in lung cancer, acute leukemia and accelerated aging. NOTEThis article is machine translated from Swedish.

Martin Bergö gets his best ideas when he listens to music or go inline skating. Being a scientist is a way of life and the brain is constantly focused on mysteries surrounding the CAAX-protein important for diseases.

It appears that Mr Bergö is happy. Smile he received for interview at his Office, and after a while I get the explanation when her son calling. “Yes, it’s true Marcus. You’ll get to meet the King and Queen. ”

— It is secret, so far, not even my colleagues know that I will get a medal on Saturday, says Martin when he said goodbye to his eight year old.

The whole family is invited to Stockholm when Martin Bergö to receive the prestigious the Göran Gustafsson Prize in medicine is awarded by the Royal Academy of Sciences.
— It is large, a high point in my career. Only one of our hospital has received the award in the past. He is rewarded for his high-profile research on CAAX-proteins and their role in both the genesis and the treatment of various diseases.
— Curiosity drives me to teach me more about the proteins we are studying. There are many riddles we would crack, both biochemical and medical.

During his postdoctoral studies in the United States learned Martin Bergö a technique for model studies of bone marrow in mice. He and his research team in Sweden then developed and used over eight years. CAAX-proteins, which are present in all cells, have a crucial role in many diseases, such as atherosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, but they focus their studies mainly on three: lung cancer, acute leukemia, and progeria, accelerated aging.

They have identified new targets for future cancer drugs, and evaluated a new treatment for children with progeria.
“We have come up with a better way of treating progeria as we test on mice at the moment. If successful, it could be a very effective treatment, “he said.
Their findings also have great clinical importance since many drugs affect CAAX-proteins in different ways.
— For example, statins and bisphosphonates that are regular medication for high cholesterol and osteoporosis. Here comes our studies lead to a changed perception of the mechanisms underlying both the effects and side effects.  Martin Bergös research group purchasing advanced equipment for larger cell cultures and a radiation machine for rodents for allocation of Lundberg’s Research Foundation.
— I do not understand why no group bought such a machine before. In all years, scientists have been using Commemorative clinic’s equipment at night and brought their animals there. Yes, it’s totally crazy that we ran with the mice in the corridors and used the same machine for patients, he nods when he sees how I block up the eyes.
— So the equipment means a lot to many people. It will be a huge time savings and a simplified licensing procedure we can treat the mice in our own labs and in the daytime. Other researchers can come here.

Martin Bergö feels fortunate. A great deal of progress as he and colleagues made the last five years has been made possible thanks to the support of the European Union on 17 million.
— It led us to conduct research, curiosity. You have to get a chance to “go a little crazy” to be able to make the big breakthrough. We have had the courage to invest in high-risk projects and it has paid off.

In our waiting for a trip to the United States where he will hold talks on an exciting math and Physics Conference on cancer.
— Despite the unprecedented developments in biotechnology cured still most of the cancer with surgery and rävgift. I never think that we get a miracle remedy for cancer. But in the future we will get a little better in all areas, from diagnosis to treatment, and reduce the mortality rate significantly.

He has several tricks to keep their curiosity vital, like Barb and read fiction. This week’s Holy moment for Martin Bergö is two hours on Friday night when he relaxes and plays classical music at high volume, preferably alone in the House.
— When can I test wines, dinner and family laws to enjoy.

Text: Monica Havström

End of nocturnal mouse transports at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital