The Foundation’s affairs are handled by a Board comprising of five members. A Board member’s successor is appointed by the Board.

The current members of the Board are the Chairman Christina Backman (born 1960) – Gothenburg, Professor Olle Larkö (born 1952) – Gothenburg, Consultant Anders Klein (born 1964) – Gothenburg, CEO John Vivstam (born 1959) – Stockholm and Professor Håkan Olsson (born 1950) – Lund.

  • Christina Backman has extensive experience within the area of banking and foundations.
  • Olle Larkö is Professor of dermatology and venereology as well as a board member of the Chalmers Foundation. Former board member of the 6th Swedish National Pension Fund, dean of the Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University and area manager of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital.
  • Anders Klein, consultant, has been Head of SEB Sweden business foundation and manager of SEB’s pension fund.
  • John Vivstam is CEO of Posten’s Pension Fund and former chief accountant of the Nobel Foundation and has been responsible for management of the Nobel Foundation’s capital.
  • Håkan Olsson is Professor of Oncology (tumour diseases) at Lund University. Håkan Ohlsson is a member of a large number of Swedish and international organisations focusing on cancer diseases.
IngaBritt och Arne Lundbergs Forskningsstiftelse - The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors from left to right
Olle Larkö, Christina Backman (Chairman), Håkan Olsson, John Vivstam & Anders Klein